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Clickbank is top affiliate marketing network and many vendors and affiliates made millions from Clickbank. Over time Clickbank has published a series of trainings for vendors and affiliates to learn the basics and best practices of making money online via Clickbank. The latest in the series is the Clickbank university 2.0. In Clickbank university 2.0 review, we present you main facts about Clickbank university and help you to make a decision whether you can buy Clickbank university 2.0.

What is Clickbank university 2.0?

Clickbank university 2.0 is an online training program for people who want to build their digital products and sell on Clickbank. The course provides great detail on how to create digital products and sell them online via clickbank. The course also provides you various tools that help create your digital products and sell online. Clickbank university 2.0 also covers training for people who want to make money as affiliates. The Clickbank university 2.0 course material on affiliate marketing is conceptual in content and provides you very strong basics.

Is Clickbank university 2.0 a new tool for digital marketing?

Clickbank first launched Clickbank university in 2013 for the first time and released Clickbank university 2.0 in 2016. The ClickBank University 2.0 is a comprehensive training programme on how to make money on Clickbank. Clickbank University 2.0 teaches you how to make money as a vendor or an affiliate on Clickbank. You can master the art of making money as either a vendor or an affiliate when you take the Clickbank university 2.0 course.

Why is Internet Income Guru writing Clickbank university 2.0 review?

To help you understand more about Clickbank university 2.0, we are writing this Clickbank university 2.0 review. Internet Income Guru is publishing this Clickbank university 2.0 review to help you understand the pros and cons of Clickbank university 2.0 in more detail. In  this Clickbank university 2.0 review, we will try to elaborate on what Clickbank says about Clickbank university 2.0 and we will also shed some light on what Clickbank does not tell you about the Clickbank university.

Internet Income Guru sincerely hopes you will find the Clickbank university 2.0 review helpful. If you are planning to invest in Clickbank university 2.0, please wait until you read this Clickbank university 2.0 review completely.

Snapshot of Clickbank university 2.0

Name : Clickbank university 2.0

Website : Please visit the Clickbank university 2.0 official website

Founder : Matt Hulett, Adam Horwitz, Justin Atlan

Product type : Digital tutorial for creating and selling digital products online

Price : $ 47 per month (there are some upsells later on if you are interested)

Target market : Online vendors and affiliates

What do you get when you join Clickbank university 2.0?

When you join Clickbank university 2.0, you are actually taking a great step forward as a digital marketer. Joining Clickbank university 2.0 takes your dream of earning a stable internet income to the nest level. Please read our Clickbank university 2.0 review and then you can start the nest leg of your digital marketing journey.

In summary what you get when you join Clickbank university 2.0 is a set of lessons and tools that help you create your digital products to sell online via Clickbank website. Though Clickbank university 2.0 primarily focuses on vendors that can create digital products and sell online at Clickbank website, it also offers all basic and conceptual facts about affiliate marketing. So affiliate marketers also benefit significantly from Clickbank university 2.0.

Clickbank university 2.0 components

Clickbank university 2.0 comes with two modules for you to learn from. First there is a 8 week training module for affiliates and secondly there is a 12 week training module for vendors. The 8 week training module for affiliate focuses on the basics and concepts of affiliate marketing. The 12 week training module for vendors focuses on the basics and concepts on how to create digital products and sell them online at Clickbank website.

Affiliate marketing training module

The 8 week training module on affiliate marketing is meant for people who want to promote others products for a commission. Such people would normally register as affiliates with Clickbank and they can choose any products on Clickbank website to promote and sell. For every sale an affiliate makes, a commission is paid. As an affiliate, you have a wide choice of products to choose from for promotions., You also do not need to create any products of your own if you want to start your online marketing business as an affiliate. You just need to have a look around on Clickbank and promote whichever products you want to promote. Clickbank will keep track of all traffic you generate and any sales too. Clickbank university does cover all basics and concepts of affiliate marketing on Clickbank.

Vendor training module to create and sell digital products

Clickbank university 2.0 provides extensive training for vendors who want to create their own digital products and sell online. During the training for vendors, you will learn how to choose your niche or product, create a customer avatar, landing page, sales funnel etc. You will also learn many tools and tactics to drive traffic to your landing page and sell your digital products via affiliates. The duration of this course is for 12 weeks.

This training is very helpful for people who are experts in some field and can share their knowledge and expertise with the world. You will find all the tools and means to put all your knowledge and expertise in the form a digital product sand sell it online for money. This is actually a great way to make lots of money easily and quickly. With the level of insider knowledge you get from the 12 week course for vendors you can really sharpen your skills to create and sell digital products on Clickbank website.

What is the structure of Clickbank university 2.0?

Weekly step by step videos and pdfs

Clickbank university courses are divided into modules step by step. You will receive video lessons and pdf documents to read in step by step format each week. This will allow you to watch the videos and read the documents online whenever you want and as many times as you want. You can refer back to the videos and pdf documents in future if you have any doubts. 

Weekly live sessions

The Clickbank university 2.0 offers live sessions every week to answer any questions that candidates may have. There is no specific topic fixed for the Q&A sessions and anybody can ask questions about anything related to Clickbank university 2.0 topics. These weekly sessions are also recorded and saved for you to refer back to in future.

Clickbank university 2.0 Facebook group

The creators of Clickbank university 2.0 have also created a Facebook group where all Clickbank University 2.0 students can join. If you need any support about your trainings while you are enrolled with Clickbank university 2.0, you can post your support queries there. The original authors of Clickbank university 2.0 course will personally participate in the Facebook group and answer any queries.

What upsells does Clickbank university 2.0 come with?

While this is just a Clickbank university 2.0 review, we would like you to be aware that Clickbank university 2.0 does come with few upsells. The Clickbank university 2.0 upsells include Clickbank builder 2.0 and Clickbank university 2.0 toolkit. Let us see a bit more detail about Clickbank builder 2.0 and Clickbank university 2.0 toolkit to make this Clickbank university 2.0 review complete.

Clickbank Builder 2.0

Though you will not notice any mention of Clickbank builder 2.0 in most of the videos until you actually join Clickbank university 2.0, Clickbank builder 2.0 is an important and very useful tool that you can buy as an upsell from Clickbank university 2.0. Clickbank university 2.0 is a software tool that helps to boost your online business. With Clickbank builder 2.0 in your hand, you will find it lot easier to build great looking websites, landing pages etc very easily and quickly. Clickbank builder 2.0 comes with free templates that you can use to build great webpages quickly.  You will have permanent access to Clickbank builder 2.0 for $594.

The main advantage of buying Clickbank builder 2.0 is that as it is built by Clickbank themselves, you will find it very helpful when you try to make money online using Clickbank. You will find it a lot easier to integrate and customise your marketing with Clickbank or products sold on Clickbank. When you join Clickbank university 2.0, you will find it a lot easier to pick up speed if you also buy Clickbank builder 2.0. Joining Clickbank university 2.0 and buying Clickbank builder 2.0 means you can build your website with Clickbank, which is great.

Clickbank university toolkit

Once you join Clickbank university 2.0, they will direct you to by various tools that you will need to run your online marketing business. The Clickbank university tool kit includes many tools that can help you build your website, create and run social media campaigns, manage your email marketing etc. Once in Clickbank university 2.0, you will come across various links that can take you to the affiliate pages where you can buy the tools. How much you pay for each of the tools that you buy in Clickbank university toolkit depends on what you buy. 

Clickbank university 2.0 review | the good and not so good

Cons of Clickbank university 2.0

Focus on Vendors

Clickbank university 2.0 teaches you how to make your own digital products and sell them online as well as how top promote others products and sell for a commission. While the coverage is great for the vendor side of the course, it i snot so about the affiliate side of the training. If you are planning to create your digital products and sell online, you will get all the training you need from Clickbank university 2.0. But if you are looking to sell others’ products online by being an affiliate, the training provided by Clickbank university 2.0 is basic only.

Clickbank builder 2.0 dependency

Shortly after you join Clickbank university 2.0, you will realise that you need to buy Clickbank builder 2.0 too. The training teaches you how to create your digital products. This is done in a way that makes you dependent on Clickbank builder 2.0. This in turn causes another dependency that you need to host your website on Clickbank only. So in a way, you will be locked in with Clickbank. As part of Clickbank university 2.0 review we do not say that being locked in with Clickbank is bad. However, we just want you to be aware of this fact.

Videos are only available in stages

When you join Clickbank university 2.0, you may assume that you will have access to the entire course at once. But this  is not the case. They will let you access few videos in the beginning. And they will unlock rest of the videos only after some time has passed. They claim that they do not want students to skip past the content. So they will allow enough time before opening rest of the videos.

Adhoc nature of weekly webinars

The weekly webinars are random and adhoc in nature. As there is no planned topic or agenda, you never know what would be covered in a webinar. This means sometimes you may sitting in  a webinar for an hour and find nothing helpful at all. The topics they discuss may be way off your level. People with all types of expertise can join a webinar and choose topics to discuss.

Limited training on traffic

In Clickbank university 2.0, you will find training on Facebook advertising and Instagram Influencer marketing. Both of these are paid traffic sources. Clickbank university doe snot train you in any free traffic sources like SEO, Content marketing or free social media marketing. As a result if you just depend on Clickbank university 2.0 you may miss out on free traffic generation. To cover trainings on free traffic generation, you may need to do some research on internet. You may also watch some YouTube free tutorials etc.

Pros of Clickbank university 2.0


We believe Clickbank university 2.0 is a very reliable online marketing course. The reasons why we believe that Clickbank university is great for you are simple. Firstly, Clickbank in itself is a great brand. There are thousands of online marketers earning decent internet income from Clickbank. So we have no doubt in saying that Clickbank is a great brand and you can trust them to do your online business with. Secondly, Clickbank themselves have created the Clickbank university 2.0 course. So it is really a great idea to learn from Clickbank themselves on how to make money on Clickbank. Who else could teach us better than Clickbank about Clickbank themselves. So even though there are many other courses that offer training son Clickbank, we do recommend Clickbank university 2.0 for anyone that wants to start and grow an online marketing business.

30 day guarantee

Clickbank also offers you a full refund if you change your mind and decide to leave within 30 days of purchase. So you can pay for Clickbank university 2.0 without any fear of losing your money. In case you do not like it, you can always cancel your purchase within 30 days and claim a full refund. This is another reason why we recommend you to join Clickbank university 2.0.

Summary | Clickbank university 2.0 review

In summary Internet Income Guru would like to conclude this Clickbank university 2.0 review by putting together the pros and cons of Clickbank university 2.0. Having read our review of Clickbank university 2.0 you can now make a confident decision regarding the purchase of Clickbank university 2.0.

Is Clickbank university 2.0 a scam?

If you ask us if Clickbank university 2.0 is a scam, our answer is a NO. As you can see in this Clickbank university 2.0 review, it i snot a scam. Clickbank university 2.0 is a real training program and you will get real training from real people. Clickbank university 2.0 is not fake program where someone just takes your money away for nothing. When you pay for Clickbank university 2.0, you do get proper training in creating digital products, selling them online and some affiliate marketing too.

To help you further to understand Clickbank university 2.0 we want to list out some pros and cons of Clickbank university 2.0 before we close Clickbank university 2.0 review.

Disclaimer: ClickBank University does not own or operate this website and is not responsible for its contents. It is owned by Internet Income Guru, an independent marketing affiliate.

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