What to dropship? Here are the best dropshipping niche ideas !

Dropshipping business is very lucrative. So if you are looking forward to start a business that can be automated to some extent, dropshipping is a good idea. Once you understand why dropshipping is the business model for you, you need to think of some dropshipping niche ideas.

Choosing your dropshipping niche is the most important step in starting your dropshipping business. But how do you decide what to dropship? Before choosing a niche with products to sell online, you need to carefully consider all top dropshipping niche ideas available to you.

We have listed below some great niche ideas for dropshipping. Please read through till the end of the article to get a good idea on what to dropship.

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Great dropshipping niche ideas | Most profitable dropshipping products

You need to choose a niche that has the most profitable dropshipping products to offer and also has buyers all round the year. You want to run your dropshipping business successfully for a long time and earn money online every day.

To be able to do so you need great drop shipping business ideas. So we are listing some great dropshipping niche ideas to help you choose the best niche for your dropshipping business. We hope this will help you decide what to dropship.

Is ‘Pet accessories’ the best dropshipping niche for beginners and amateurs?

These days more and more people are having pets and they love their pets. Many people have the habit of getting new accessories to their pets frequently. The demand for pet accessories is very much there at any time. At least for the past few years there has been no decline in the demand for pet accessories.

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Can you dropship dog accessories?

Among all pets, dogs are the most popular. Dog is the most popular pet in any part of the world. In order to properly care for their pet dogs, many dog owners regularly buy accessories for their dogs. These may include dog clothes, dog belts, dog beds, dog training equipment etc.

So dog accessories is a very popular niche for dropshipping. Many internet marketers are of the opinion that dog accessories is a great niche to sell products online and dropship.

As pet accessories and especially dog accessories is a niche that never loses popularity, you need to seriously consider this as your dropshipping niche. Similarly all gifts around pet themes especially dog themed gifts are great products for a dropshipping business. People are very fond of dog themed gifts, decorations too.

So, on the theme of pets, we can see many dropshipping niche ideas like accessories, gifts and decorations etc. And with each animal, you get a whole new set of dropshipping niche ideas. For example, with dogs, you can sell dog accessories like belts, clothes, kernels, bowls etc. If you can sit and think creatively, you may come up with many such dropshipping ideas. Gift and decoration ideas in the dog theme include pictures, sheets, cushions etc.

On SaleHoo, you will find plenty of dropshipping suppliers that supply pet accessories.

Do you have any dropshipping product ideas for wireless devices and accessories?

With technology becoming more easily available for many people even in the remote areas of the globe, tech products are always in demand. Among all tech products, wireless devices and accessories are on the rise in terms of global usage. Devices like wireless routers, smart headsets, wireless audio devices etc. have been in great demand for few years.

All research shows is that the demand for wireless devices and accessories will be growing significantly year on year. So if you are planning to start your dropshipping business, wireless devices are great products for you. As more and more people are going after wireless devices day by day, it is one of the best dropshipping niche ideas. Wireless devices and accessories is a good niche. This niche can offer you many dropshipping product ideas.

Over the past few years, we have seen tremendous advancement in technological innovation. The market has seen many innovative devices that can help people in many ways. People are more keen to have healthy life style and they are depending in technology to do that. As a result, healthcare businesses have introduced many wearable electronic devices that enhance their ability to monitor and control health and life style. There is a projection of significant growth in the market for wearable devices in the coming years. This makes wearable devices a great dropshipping niche idea.

Smartwatches are trendy and great for dropshipping

Smartwatches form another interesting niche market segment for dropshipping business. You can either go for smart watches and accessories or any one of them. Sometimes you may feel nervous about selling smartwatches online to dropship as they are complicated and expensive and any returns may cost you dearly. If that is the case, you can even sell just smart watch accessories. Sales of smart watches and accessories is bound to grow significantly over time in future and earn you great returns.

SaleHoo directory has a wide range of wireless devices and accessories. Please click here to visit the directory of genuine suppliers that can supply you with technical devices and accessories. As SaleHoo offers fully vetted suppliers, you can be assured of quality and reliability when you choose dropshipping products and suppliers from them.

Stress busting toys and dropshipping ideas

Over the past few years stress has been a busy subject in urban life. This prompted the concept of  innovative new ways in the form of toys that act as stress busters. As the anti-stress toys are both fun an therapeutic, there has been growing demand for such toys in the market.

Who knew stress can have a good side effect and offer us great drop shipping business opportunities. People are buying stress busting toys for themselves and also for loved ones as gifts. Even some companies are offering anti-stress toys as gifts to employees. So they can be one of the easiest and cheapest dropshipping products to sell online and dropship.

You can find a long list of stress busting toys and their suppliers on SaleHoo. If you want read our review on SaleHoo before you visit their official website, please click here.

Art and Craft materials is great for creative drop shipping business ideas!

Due to the high stress levels in modern life, many people are turning to hobbies to spend quality time, socialize and relax. Art and craft are very popular hobbies for many people these days. When people who are interested in arts and crafts, want to buy materials, they prefer to shop online. There are not many brick and mortar stores that specialise in arts and crafts materials. Even if some shops do sell art and craft materials, they are pretty expensive.

As a result, people depend on online stores to purchase arts and crafts materials. Buying arts and crafts materials online saves people money and time as they can complete the shopping from home. SaleHoo offers you details of some of the best suppliers in the arts and crafts arena.

Can Cotton clothes be the best dropshipping niche for you?

Fashion and clothing is always a good niche to look at when running a dropshipping website. Due to increasing awareness of climate change, global warming, pollution etc. people are talking about natural and eco-friendly habits and life style.

As a result, many people are switching to pure cotton clothes. If you are planning to start your dropshipping business, pure cotton clothes is one of the best dropshipping niche ideas. Research suggests the demand for cotton clothes will be on the rise for many years.

Drop shipping business opportunities in affordable sportswear

As obesity, diabetes, hypertension etc. are on the rise, people are paying more attention to healthy life style options. Most people are into gym, yoga, and other fitness programs. People like to look trendy even when they are working out. So they want to buy sportswear which makes them look good.

However big brands can only sell expensive sports wear and they do not even look at low cost sportswear. This leaves a great niche for you to run your dropshipping business with affordable sportswear. There are so many people looking for low cost sportswear but not many sellers are selling them. You will find plenty of products you can sell and dropship in the affordable sportswear niche on SaleHoo. So you can take advantage of this market gap. Having affordable sportswear for sale on your dropshipping website is a great idea.


Makeup rhinestones have been in great demand in recent years. They are light in weight and many women are looking to buy them. Makeup rhinestones is definitely one of the best dropshipping niche ideas.

Find dropshipping business ideas in Shopping bags

With the increasing awareness about plastic in oceans and earth fill, many people are giving up plastic carrier bags. People are looking to use their own shopping bags and they prefer reusable bags. You can be innovative and design great reusable shopping bags for people of all ages. This will be a great business idea for running a successful dropshipping business. Please visit SaleHoo website to check out great products for dropshipping.

Are there most profitable dropshipping products in empowering clothes and accessories

Women empowerment, racial equality etc. are some of the hot topics these days. People are looking for ways to express what they believe in. They want to feel empowered by making bold statements via their dressing and fashion. So creating clothes, bags, hats and other accessories with empowering statements ion them is one of the best dropshipping niche ideas. SaleHoo lists many dropshipping suppliers that produce and ship products for you to sell online.

Summary | Great dropshipping niche ideas

To summarise, Internet Income Guru can confidently say that you can start and finish your search for great dropshipping niche ideas on SaleHoo. As SaleHoo offers a comprehensive database of dropship suppliers and products for you to sell online, it is great place to start looking for ideas around the most profitable dropshipping products in your niche.

To appreciate the credibility and authority of SaleHoo, please read our Salehoo review. You may start your search for great dropshipping ideas on SaleHoo website. Once you are on the SaleHoo website, you can take your time to review various dropship suppliers and select the products that are most profitable for you.

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