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A good eCommerce marketing strategy is very important for the success of your eCommerce marketing business. Like any other online internet business models, eCommerce marketing business too needs a good strategy from the beginning of your eCommerce business. With a robust eCommerce marketing strategy, you can easily reap all the benefits of eCommerce marketing

eCommerce marketing strategy

The core of an eCommerce marketing strategy consists of two main ideas. First is to drive as much traffic as you can to your eCommerce website. Second is to persuade your website visitors to make as many purchases as possible. Driving targeted traffic to the website and persuading them to make purchases makes eCommerce marketing work.

There are many tips and tactics you can use to drive traffic to your eCommerce website and persuade them to make online purchases. SEO, SEM, content marketing, social media, email marketing, marketing funnels etc. are some things you need to focus on as part of your eCommerce marketing strategy.

Tips and tactics for eCommerce marketing business include the below.

Pace yourself with eCommerce marketing trends

In any business, you need to pace yourself with the trends in your area of business. eCommerce marketing tools, technologies, algorithms etc. keep changing at high speed. To run a successful eCommerce marketing business, you need to keep yourself up with online marketing trends. Such changes in eCommerce marketing tools, technologies, algorithms etc. can be harmful or beneficial for your eCommerce business. When such changes tend to harm your business, you need to update your eCommerce marketing strategies and tactics to align with the changes. If the new algorithms benefit your business, you need to figure out how you can reap maximum benefits from the same.

Search engines

For example, search engines keep changing their algorithms regularly to improve the quality of search results. Whenever a search engine changes algorithm, your website’s page rank may change. You never know how such changes are going to impact your business. So is important that you research and find out what changes you need to make to your website SEO to rank high in search engine results no matter what changes with the search engine algorithms.

Advertising platforms and social media

Advertising platforms and social media also keep changing their rules and requirements frequently. You need to understand any such changes and update your marketing and advertising methods and targeting criteria etc. so that your adverts fetch you the best returns on investment.

Content marketing

You can use content marketing to attract visitors to your eCommerce website. You may benefit immensely by planning a clear and clever content marketing strategy few weeks before your products will be available for sale online. Your content marketing strategy needs to cover a variety of content including blog posts, videos, newsletters etc. You can build up great content on your eCommerce website by the time your products are ready for sale. With such approach you can start converting your website visitors into buyers from the very first day.

It is also important that you keep adding genuine and helpful content to your website. Regular updates and additions to your eCommerce website will grow your eCommerce business quickly.

Use email marketing

Email marketing gives you the best ROI than any other online internet business model. So you can use email marketing strategies to boost traffic and sales for your eCommerce website. Use a variety of email marketing campaigns based on a clever email marketing strategy to get best results. As long as  you send reasonable number of emails with really helpful content, people will be happy to open your emails. Some of them can become your loyal customers too.

Spread word on social media

Make sure you create accounts or pages for your eCommerce marketing business on social media platforms. You can start appearing on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest etc. Post helpful content regularly on all your social media accounts and link them to your website. Use analytics and insights to understand what works and what does not. Do more of what works and less of what does not work. This way you can boost your website traffic and conversions.

Make it personal

When buyers see the real person or people behind your eCommerce business, they feel more confident to buy from your business. So try to post some images of yourself or your staff on your eCommerce website to make a good personal impression on your website visitors. Also, when addressing your email subscribers or buyers in emails, you will connect better with them of you address them by their name. 3

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