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Email marketing campaigns are based on similar principles as traditional direct mail marketing campaigns were based on. What we do in email marketing campaigns is just replace the direct mail marketing campaigns with equivalent email marketing campaigns.

Traditional direct mail marketing campaigns include promotional leaflets, regular news letters, paying a magazine or newspaper to advertise for you. We use same concepts from older mail marketing campaigns  In email marketing, we just implement these concepts via email marketing campaigns.

A traditional direct mail marketing business uses many strategies, tactics etc. to sell products and services. Email marketing also uses many strategies and tactics via email marketing campaigns.

Types of email marketing campaigns

The central theme of email marketing is that any marketing strategy or tactic is implemented via email marketing campaigns. As a result, a business may be sending many different types of email marketing campaigns to buyers and potential buyers. Some types of email marketing campaigns are as below.

Promotional emails

A promotional email marketing campaign is intended to encourage the recipient to click on the link included in the email. When the reader clicks on the links in the email, it directs them to your website. They can make a purchase from your website. Email marketing can use promotional email marketing campaigns to target potential customers as well as current customers.

The content of a promotional email need to be designed to boost your conversions. You need to send promotional emails few days before a sale to let them know in advance about the sale. You may also need to send emails during the sale to those customers who are yet to make a purchases. Such reminder promotional events can help if someone missed your sale for any reason.

Newsletter emails

Newsletter emails are regular emails you send to people who have subscribed with your business. This is a great way to encourage them to buy your goods and services. Newsletter emails if designed well and sent at the right time can build loyalty and a great relationship with your subscribers. A great relationship paves way for trust and when people trust you, it gets a lot easier to sell your products and services to them.

A news letter can often include news about new products or services, business news, upcoming promotions, special offers meant only for subscribers or loyal customers etc. Newsletter email campaigns need to be set to send emails in regular intervals like weekly, fortnightly or monthly etc.

What is important is that your newsletters need to be consistent and add value to your subscribers. You need to give your subscribers valid reasons to receive, open and read your newsletters. Offering discount coupons or freebies in your newsletters is one way of keeping your subscribers interested.

Invitation emails

If your business is organising any events, it is important that you do everything you can to make sure maximum number of people attend the event. You can boost event attendance with invitation email marketing campaigns.

It is a good idea to send an invitation email to your subscribers couple of weeks before the event. Such invitation email needs to contain all relevant information about the event that can help the subscriber to prepare and plan well to attend the event. You may include a special discount offer or a freebie in the invitation email to encourage them to attend the event.

Advertisements in emails

You can always pay an email provider to place your advertisements in others’ emails. This is a great way to reach wider audience as it covers people who are not currently on your email list. You need to provide an advert and specify your target audience. The email provider will then place your adverts in banners that appear on the top or to the side of emails meant for people who are your target audience.

Advertisement email marketing campaigns are similar to the traditional marketing campaigns where a business can place advertisements in news papers and magazines.

Catalogue emails

A catalogue email is an electronic equivalent of a traditional shopping catalogue. A catalogue email gives an overall idea of all products and services that your customers can buy from you. You can send catalogue emails once in a while to highlight the products and services that you offer.

Lead nurturing emails

A lead is a potential customer. A lead needs to be nurtured appropriately to convert into a customer. The purpose of lead nurturing emails is to convert a lead into a customer. A business may need to send more then one lead nurturing email from the point of a lead generation to conversion. The content of lead nurturing emails needs to be based on how the potential buyer behaves with other email marketing campaigns.

Survey emails

Survey emails are a great way to find out more about your potential customers and customers. You can send out survey emails to a group of customers and ask questions like what they would like to buy in future and detail on their experience so far with the market. Based on the feedback, you can modify your product range or marketing tactics.

Transactional emails

Buyers and potential buyers may trigger many types of transactions with your business. These include an enquiry, an interest in your products, a purchase or subscription etc. When a customer makes a transaction with your business, it is a really a good idea to send an email acknowledging the same. You can thank the customer for subscribing to your newsletter and welcome them for a long term relationship. You can acknowledge with an email when a email subscriber makes changes to their subscription. When a customer purchases something from you, you can send an email confirming the order, thanking them for being such a valued customer and send them more information that encourages them to continue purchases in future.

Summary | Types of email marketing campaigns

As you grow your email marketing business in time, you may need to adapt an email marketing strategy that suits your email marketing business. You may take the above email marketing campaigns as pointers. Based on these, you may design your own email marketing campaigns for your email marketing business. With creativity you can come up with many new types of email marketing campaigns. This will help you to scale your email marketing business to new heights.

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