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You can run a dropshipping business by selling products online and having them delivered by a wholesaler. To do so, you  need to find genuine dropshipping suppliers in your dropshipping niche and engage with the best of them. Having good suppliers deliver the products to your buyers on your behalf makes it very easy to run a dropshipping business. This is also one of the main reasons why dropshipping is very popular.

This article will shed light on various ways to find dropshipping suppliers. Please read through till the end to gain full understanding on how to find dropshipping suppliers.

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Who are dropshipping suppliers?

Dropshipping suppliers or wholesale dropshipping companies get the products ready for you and ship them to your buyers under your name. So dropshipping suppliers deliver the products you sell online to your buyers. When you run a dropshipping business, you must engage with the best dropshipping suppliers only.

The quality of dropshipping products and the shipment reliability can make or break your dropshipping business. If your wholesale dropshipping companies do not perform well, your dropshipping business will be at risk.

This is why you need to work with the best wholesale dropshipping companies within your dropshipping niche.  So, in dropshipping business, you need to find dropshipping suppliers that are legitimate and reliable. Having the right dropshipping suppliers is one of the most important factors in running a dropshipping business well.

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How to find dropshipping suppliers?

But how do you find out which dropshipping suppliers are good and which are not? As part of the research you conduct for your dropshipping business, you need to look for certain traits in the dropshipping suppliers.

What should you look for in selecting dropshipping suppliers?

You need ask yourself some questions about the dropshipping suppliers you evaluate. Examples of what you need to look for in dropshipping suppliers are as below:

Did you have a good experience with the sales team?

In most cases, the first point of contact you make with dropshipping suppliers is the sales team. When you interact with the sales team of wholesale dropshipping companies, try to assess how good they are. Basically the sales team reflects the company they represent. A good dropshipping supplier company will have the best people on their sales team.

A good sales representative will be very helpful to you and will try to answer any queries you may have about the dropshipping products or suppliers. If the sales team is professional and helpful with you then it’s a good sign.  If the sales team does not sound reliable, you do not want to risk doing business with them. Look for other dropshipping suppliers.

Can the dropshipping supplier provide high quality products?

You need to be sure of the quality of the products that you want to sell online and dropship. Unless the products are of very good quality, you will find it very difficult to succeed in dropshipping business. So you need to look for dropshipping suppliers that can provide high quality products. High quality products will result in high customer satisfaction, good reviews and fewer returns. Buyers who are happy with your products also spread the good word and you may get more referrals by word of mouth.

Sometimes, to get better quality, you may need to take a cut in profit margins. But that is better than cutting quality as compromising on quality may result in going out of business altogether.

How quickly can the dropshipping supplier ship the products?

One of the important features of a dropshipping supplier is the speed at which they can ship the products. A good dropshipping supplier needs to ship your products within 24 hours of the order. So you need to find a dropshipping supplier that can ship the products quickly. If your dropshipping supplier cannot ship the products quickly, you may fail your buyers and lose your business to the competition.

You can place a test order to see how quickly they can deliver the products and take it form there.

Is the pre-order fee reasonable for your orders?

Some dropshippers charge a token fee everytime you place an order with them. Good dropshipping suppliers charge a reasonable amount of pre-order fee. Other not so good dropshipping suppliers however charge exorbitant amounts as pre-order fee and try to exploit you. You need to think and figure out if the pre-order fee is reasonable. If it is not reasonable, look else where.

Is the dropshipping supplier up to date with trends in technology?

When you look for dropshipping suppliers, you need keep the long term business relation in mind. You need to partner with someone that you can work with for  a long time. As your dropshipping business grows, you may get more orders and buyers may expect you to modernise your products as technology advances.

So you need to look for wholesale dropshipping companies that use technology well and adapt to technological advancement. Few things that can give you an idea about the technology angle of dropshipping suppliers include:

  • a professional looking business website,
  • automated updates of product listings as inventory changes,
  • integration of email with website and order management etc.

A good dropshipping supplier should be able to automate their processes and production for quicker turnaround times when you grow your dropshipping business and make more sales.

Please bear in mind that the technology angle in evaluating a dropshipping supplier is important but need not be the deciding factor.

How to find dropshipping suppliers that are reliable and legitimate?

You need your dropshipping suppliers to be legitimate. Unless a dropshipping supplier is legitimate, you should not do any business with them. Unless your dropshipping suppliers are genuine and reliable you cannot reap the benefits of dropshipping. Any association with dubious dropshipping suppliers can damage your reputation and land you in legal problems. Your dropshipping supplier also needs to be reliable. You want your dropshipping supplier to deliver high quality products within agreed timescales every time.

But how do you find the best dropshipping suppliers? Well, there is an organised way to do this. We shall now discuss various methods by which you can find dropshipping suppliers. You will find it helpful to read through this article till the end. However, if you want to go directly to the best online directory of genuine dropship suppliers, please visit SaleHoo. You will find some of the best dropship suppliers on SaleHoo. We also have an honest SaleHoo review published. Please click here to read the most exhaustive review on SaleHoo.


These days, what would you do if you want to know  about someone or something? You google it.

That’s right. You need to search for dropshipping suppliers in your niche that can supply the products you want to sell. Google is a quick way to find wholesale dropshipping companies. The only issue is Google will show you those pages with great Search Engine Optimization or SEO at the top.

Having a great SEO does not mean the dropshipping supplier is reliable and legitimate. If a dropshipping supplier appears at top of Google SERP, it only means they are just good at SEO. Moreover, the best dropshipping supplier may be busy getting products ready and shipping them than working on their SEO.

So it is quite possible that the best dropshipping suppliers are some where deep in Google search results. So you can search [Product] + dropshipper on Google to get a whole list of dropshippers that supply your product. But you need to dig down few pages, call few dropshipping suppliers and evaluate them. You need to select those from whom you can buy the products for the lowest price and sell for much  higher price.

Yahoo, Bing

You can also use other search engines like Yahoo and Bing to find dropshipping suppliers that can supply the products you want to sell online.


SaleHoo is a directory of dropshipping suppliers that are legitimate and reliable. As every dropshipping supplier listed on SaleHoo is fully vetted you can choose anyone with confidence.

You just need to make sure the products that you want to sell online and dropship are supplied by the supplier. You need not worry about being scammed when you consider any dropshipping suppliers from SaleHoo. They all are genuine and risk free.

With SaleHoo, you can search for dropshipping suppliers easily and quickly. They also have a special list of fully categorised dropshipping suppliers which makes it even more helpful. Please click here to read the SaleHoo review by Internet Income Guru.

Wish you all the very best and we do hope you will run a successful dropshipping business.

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