Is Appcoiner legit or scam? Appcoiner review by Internet Income Guru

I came across this offer on Clickbank called the Appcoiner. It claims to offer money for testing out apps and posting your reviews online. I thought that’s a great way to make money online so I decided to find out more about it. I did some research and thought I should write  a review on Appcoiner. So folks welcome to Internet Income Guru. Keep reading our genuine review on appcoiner. Here we will discuss the question “Is Appcoiner legit or scam?”

This is the Appcoiner review for you. If you want to visit the Appcoiner official website, please click here.

What is Appcoiner?

According to the Appcoiner website, you can make money online for testing apps and posting online reviews on the apps. That to me sounds very simple and straight forward. But is that true? Is Appcoiner legit or is it a scam? We need to look at some more details to say anything about Appcoiner.

How does Appcoiner work?

First thing you need to do with Appcoiner is join them. Appcoiner is a website where you can join with your email address. Once you are a member of Appcoiner, you will need to download mobile apps from Appcoiner and test them. Once you test the apps, you need to write online reviews about the apps.

When they say you need to test the Apps, it does not really mean they are relying on you to test their apps. They are not expecting you to find bugs in the apps so they can fix. They actually provide you apps and expect you to try them out. Next you need to post your review about the apps on your website. Yes, you do need to have  a website and must be willing to post reviews about apps on your website.

How do you make money from Appcoiner?

On the Appcoiner website, they say you will get paid for testing apps and writing reviews. In reality though, there is little more to the story. It is true you will get paid for your reviews on apps that you try out. But you will only get paid when someone visits your review, clicks on the links you place in your review and buys the app. This essentially means by joining the Appcoiner, you will virtually become an affiliate for the apps. You will get paid a commission every the twist is that you need to pay time you sell the app via your reviews.

So in a way, we can say that Appcoiner is affiliate marketing with a twist. The twist is that you need to pay Appcoiner to become an affiliate of the apps.

Is Appcoiner a scam or is it legit?

What I found from my research is that Appcoiner is indeed legit. It is a genuine online money making platform. Appcoiner is not a scam.  You can indeed make real money online from Appcoiner.

Do I join the Appcoiner?

If you ask me Is Appcoiner legit or scam, I would say it is legit and I would I join the Appcoiner, I would happily join the Appcoiner because it is genuine money making platform. Appcoiner is not a scam. I would confidently join the Apcoiner and put in my best efforts to make money from Appcoiner. I also have the guarantee that I can claim a full refund withing 60 days if I am unhappy after my purchase. As Clickbnak is a trustworthy market place, I have no hesitation in buying the Appcoiner.

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