How to research dropshipping competitors and stay ahead of them?

It is important that you research dropshipping competitors when you run a dropshipping business. You need to research competition right as soon as you decide on your niche and products to sell online and dropship.

There are many reasons why you should research dropshipping competitors as soon as you start dropshipping business. If you see competition in your niche around your products, it means there are sellers and buyers around. That’s a good sign. But if there is too much competition, it may be something to looking at further. If there are too many competitors selling products like yours, you may find it hard to run dropshipping business or sell products online and dropship.

How to research dropshipping competitors?

There are many ways to research dropshipping competitors. We are listing few popular techniques to research dropshipping competitors below. You may use any one of these or some or all of these methods to research dropshipping competitors.

Checkout your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses  by placing an order

The best way you can get an idea about your competitor’s business is by placing an order with them. By placing an order with your dropshipping competitors, you will gain a good idea about how your dropshipping competitor’s customers perceive them. This is one of the fool proof ways to research dropshipping competitors and find out how your competitors run dropshipping business.

When placing an order, try to talk to them, ask them questions and extract answers so you understand how good their customer service is. Check how quickly they can deliver and how good their packaging is. Note the best things you can find so you can do at least as good as them in the areas where they are really good. Note their weaknesses and flaws so that you can avoid them in your business.

For example, their sales representatives may not be very knowledgeable or not very courteous. You can make sure yours are better than them. If their packaging is not so good, you can make your packaging with a better quality and more attractive.

If you are lucky you may also discover information about their suppliers from the packaging if the dropshipping supplier leaves their detail on the product or the packaging. You can try searching on Google to find out who could be the supplier. Sometimes, an image search can also lead you to the dropshpping supplier of your competitor.

Find out the competitor’s website strength

This is one way where you can research dropshipping competitors completely online and discretely. Once you know who your competitors are, you need to assess how strong your competitors’ online presence is.

You can use tools like Open site explorer or Checkpagerank to find out the strength of your competitor’s website. Domain authority and page authority are a good measure of a website’s strength. You can also find out what domains are linking to your competitor’s website and how many back links are there. You can try and see if you too can get back links from such websites.

Domain authority, page authority and number of back links are important as they help rank a website higher on search engine results. Once you research dropshipping competitors online as explained above, you can aim at strengthening online presence of your dropshipping business.

Visit and experience competitor’s website

Another interesting way to research dropshipping competitors is to visit and experience your competitor’s website. Visiting a competitor’s website and experiencing it is a great way to learn about your competitors.

A website says many things about a business, like their beliefs, values, approach to business etc. If you find your competitor’s website great in some aspects, you can learn from it and take it as a best practice to be used on your website as well. If you find your competitors website not so good in any aspects, you can take it as an example of something you should not be doing with your website.

Thus you can benefit from strengths and weaknesses of your competition when you research dropshipping competitors well.

How are your competitors doing on social media?

You need to research dropshipping competitors in as many ways as you can. This includes social media too. It is a good idea to visit your competitor’s social media profiles and checkout how they are doing.

By browsing their social media posts and checking out the reactions they get from people gives you a very good idea about people’s behaviour towards your niche.

You may also research dropshipping competitors by going through your competitor’s posts and noting what kind of posts on social media get most likes and shares. You can figure out what content your target market engages with.

It is important to research dropshipping competitors via their social media profiles and activities. You can learn from your competitor’s social media profiles and them plan your own social media strategy. n

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