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I am glad you are looking for SaleHoo review. SaleHoo has been making some buzz over the last few years in the online marketing world. Being the Internet income Guru, I thought it would be unfair to not to write a SaleHoo review. So here we go Internet Income Guru’s honest and unbiased SaleHoo review for your benefit. I hope this article on SaleHoo review will be of some help for you in forming profitable dropshipping niche ideas, finding great dropshipping suppliers and running your dropshipping business.

By the way, in case you want to directly go to SaleHoo official website, you may. If you want to know more about SaleHoo and our SaleHoo review, please continue reading! By the time you finish reading this SaleHoo review, you will have a very clear idea why SaleHoo is good for your dropshipping business.

What is SaleHoo?

SaleHoo is a business directory that lists wholesalers who can supply you with goods which you can in turn sell online for a profit. This means SaleHoo provides you with all necessary detail about verified wholesalers in your niche that you can contact, negotiate and do business with. There are also some drop-shippers, liquidators and manufacturers listed on SaleHoo. On SaleHoo, you can search for your ideal wholesalers and products that you wish to market online.

SaleHoo as a business is itself located in New Zealand but their directory lists wholesalers from many countries s including USA, Europe etc. Simon Slade is the founder and CEO of SaleHoo.

Just like any other business directory, SaleHoo themselves do not sell or supply any products.  They just list many suppliers and wholesalers and you can search by product name, brand, category etc. to find what you are looking for in your dropshipping niche.

SaleHoo does all the background vetting for wholesalers. Based on background checks, SaleHoo provides enough detail about the wholesalers’ past performance, for you to compare them and choose the ones you like. Though SaleHoo themselves do not supply or sell any products, their directory can be a great product sourcing tool for online sellers in many dropshipping niches. Many people are now running successful dropshipping businesses with the help of SaleHoo.

Is SaleHoo legit or is it scam? Our SaleHoo review reveals it all!

We can confidently say that SaleHoo is not scam. SaleHoo is legit and when you join SaleHoo, you do get access to well presented and detailed portfolios of wholesalers and suppliers. So you definitely get what you pay for. SaleHoo is not like you pay online and never get anything in return. SaleHoo is legit and well established directory of suppliers and wholesalers covering many dropshipping niches.

When you buy and login SaleHoo, you will find real suppliers and their contact details on SaleHoo directory. You can contact them, negotiate and fix a business deal with them without any hesitation. All suppliers, wholesalers, manufacturers listed on SaleHoo are genuine and have been properly vetted for background checks by SaleHoo. For just $67 a year, SaleHoo offers you a real and genuine dropshipping directory that you can access immediately.

Why should I buy SaleHoo?

If you are tired of 9 to 5 day job and looking forward to start your own business, dropshipping is a great option for you. But to succeed in dropshipping, you need to choose a highly profitable dropshipping niche. You then need some products to sell  online to make money.

Once you have decided on your dropshipping niche, imagine you having to plan, design, manufacture and then sell a product online. How long does it take? How much investment do you need? I am sure you will not like the numbers in the answers to these questions. SaleHoo is the answer that makes dropshipping very easy.

When you join SaleHoo, you get immediate and complete access to a directory of thousands of manufacturers with millions of products ready to sell. You can just search on SaleHoo, select which products you want to sell online within your niche and start your online marketing busines pretty quickly with very low investment.

You can source and sell as many products as you wish in as many niches as you can create. SaleHoo is good for you even if you love your 9 to 5 day job but are looking for just an additional income. SaleHoo can be the answer for all your product sourcing challenges. All research behind product sourcing is done for you by SaleHoo.

How does SaleHoo work?

SaleHoo is not  scam. It is legit and it works. So now let us see how SaleHoo works.

The first thing you need to do with SaleHoo is join them. You can join SaleHoo by paying $67. Once you pay the joining fee, you will get full access to SaleHoo directory of suppliers and products database.

When you login SaleHoo, you will find options to search for products by brand, title, supplier etc. You can search around until you find the products and suppliers you are looking for in the niche of your choice. SaleHoo provides lot of helpful data that you can use to compare products or suppliers within a given niche.

Once you have a short list of products and suppliers, you can contact the suppliers and make a deal with them. The deal you make with suppliers is between you and the supplier. Once you place your order, the supplier will ship the products to the delivery address you provide within agreed timelines. SaleHoo thus can make day to day activities of dropshipping very easy.

How does product delivery work with SaleHoo?

There are two ways you can have the products delivered.

The first way and the more traditional procedure is that you will purchase products from the supplier in bulk. Once the bulk shipment arrives, you will store them in your warehouse and sell them online. Whenever someone places an order, you take the payment and arrange for the shipment. This method gives you good profits as you may get the products at much lower price as you buy in bulk.

The second way is more modern and it works this way. Once you make contact with a supplier, you will gather all the detail about the products you need. But do not buy anything right away.

Instead, you go back to your business and advertise for the dropshipping products that you want to sell. You can advertise on websites like eBay or Amazon. When someone places an order, you take the payment.

At this point, you place an order with the supplier for exactly the same products and request them to ship the products directly to your buyer. In this method, you do not need to keep an inventory at all so this method is easier.

Summary | SaleHoo review

SaleHoo makes your life easier if your online internet business involves finding products to sell online for a profit. The biggest challenge many online marketers face is finding products they can sell for a profit and partnering with a wholesaler that’s trustworthy. SaleHoo helps you in both these areas and makes drop-ship supplier or wholesaler relationship lot easier.

Internet Income Guru’s confident view is that SaleHoo is not scam. SaleHoo is legit. You can make as much money as you are willing to put in the effort for. SaleHoo provides you all the necessary information about dropshipping niches, suppliers and products that you may need for your business.

When you purchase SaleHoo, you will get a guarantee of full refund in case you change your mind within 60 days. So there is no point in thinking whether to buy SaleHoo or not. You may just access SaleHoo right now. Sooner the better! There is nothing you can lose by joining SaleHoo. 

We have some additional tips for you on finding the best suppliers for dropshipping business.

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