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So you have been thinking to start email marketing business. That’s great! You are on the right path to online internet income. Let us see how to start email marketing business. Email marketing is the most powerful model for online internet income. The returns you get on your investments from email marketing business are higher than any other online business model.

Easy to start email marketing business

Good news is you do not need to be an expert in any technology or business to start email marketing business. You do not even need a huge investment too. However, you may need to have a basic understanding of how various online internet business models work. This knowledge will help make your email marketing business a great success.

Obviously you need to have basic knowledge of how emails work. You must be very comfortable with drafting and sending emails. In email marketing business, drafting an email is not just writing a few lines of message. You must be able to design an email that looks attractive, appealing and easy to read, understand and take action on.

Steps to start email marketing business

There are a few steps in which you can start email marketing business and make it roll in cash for you.

Set your email marketing business goals

Before you do anything about your email marketing business, it is important that you set goals for your email marketing business. Setting email marketing business goals is important because your goals decide how you go about building your email marketing business. The strategy you use to build your email list, design and content and frequency of your email campaigns depend very much on your email marketing business goals.

So, you define your email marketing business goals first.

Why email marketing business goals?

With well-defined email marketing business goals in place, you can plan, design and send high ROI email campaigns to precisely targeted audience.

You can also track your email marketing business progress against the goals from time to time. This gives you an idea on how your business is doing and helps you in making business decisions to drive business in the right direction.

Define your target market

Once you have your goals ready, you define your target audience. The better you can define the demographics of your audience, the more successful your email marketing business will be. Your marketing goals determine the demographics of your target market.

You need to define your target market so you can serve them with appropriate email marketing campaigns.

Build a website

You need a web address for your business that people can visit to know more about your online internet business. So, you start building a website in your niche.

  • Your website will be very helpful in building your email list.
  • When you send email marketing campaigns, they appear to have arrived from your website.
  • When users click on the links in your emails, they redirect to your website and purchase your products or services.
  • Your website will have all eCommerce features necessary for shopping online.

Start building your email list

To run a successful email marketing campaign, you need a well organised and genuine email list.

Once you figure out who your potential buyers will be, you must start building up an email list of such an audience. Some people do buy email lists but building your own email list is always the best option. It might take a little time and effort to build your own email list but you can be sure that it works.

How to build an email list?

There are many ways to build an email list. While building your email list, you must make sure you get the permission of the contacts to send them promotional emails. You may end up annoying them if you send marketing emails without their permission.

You can always extract the emails of your current buyers if you have any and pull their emails together. If you are already running an established business, you can download the email list from your existing customer database. You can retarget them with attractive offerings via emails. This is for starters.

It may be tedious to do this manually if your customer database is big. You can use one of the database tools to extract your first email list from your current customer database. Simple tool such as MS Excel or a more advanced CRM tool can help to extract your first email list.

But the more popular and better way is to start building your email list from scratch by persuading as many people as you can to enrol or subscribe to your emails. You can start building your email list from scratch in many ways. You need to approach your potential buyers online and encourage them to subscribe to your email list.

One way to acquire email subscribers is to provide opt-in forms on your website. By filling in their email address on the opt-in forms, people can join your email subscriber list.

To motivate people to subscribe to your email list, you can offer them an attractive incentive they cannot refuse. You can offer them a freebie or a lucky dip or helpful eBook or a discount etc. in return for their email address. You can be as creative as you can in persuading people to provide them with their email address.

Another important thing is that your email subscription process should be very simple. Users must find it very easy to subscribe to your email list. If your subscription process or forms are complicated and need people to fill in a lot of detail to subscribe, they may turn away.

So as a minimum ask for their email address and hit the subscribe button. Sometimes however it helps to get their first name also so that you can address them by name in your future emails.

Run email marketing campaigns

Once you have the process for email list building in place, you must start planning your email campaigns to fulfil your goals. You must design and draft emails that can help you reach your email marketing business goals you set in the beginning. These emails must be attractive, appealing, clear, and concise. Your potential buyers must find the emails easy to read and respond to.

When your email list grows to a reasonable size, you can start sending out emails with your marketing campaigns. The content of the marketing emails that you send across depends on what your email marketing business goals are. Use a headline that grabs your audience attention and conveys the message. Use one call to action button that is clearly visible and appealing to take action.

All the components of your email must work together and encourage the audience to click that call to action button and your job is done.

If your goal is to sell products or services, you would normally provide a purchase or buy now button in your email mail and encourage readers to click on it. When your readers click on the button, they are taken to the product page on your website. If you are an affiliate, the link will take the readers to the product page on the vendor’s website.

Once on the product page, the reader can make a purchase online. You call that a sale or a conversion. More sales or conversions mean more money into your pockets!

Figure out what’s working and scale it

With the above steps, you must see some results in the form of sales and conversions. Once your email marketing campaigns start showing good results, it is time to check how your business is doing. You can measure the performance of various email marketing campaigns you have started. Thus, you can figure out what is really working. Once you figure out what’s working you must scale it to see higher sales. If necessary, you can make changes to your email structure, targeting, offers etc.

And from there, you should be looking only higher and higher making more sales via emails. Keep innovating and inventing to make your email marketing business grow and take your online internet income new heights.

Pay your business tax

Last but not lest, register your business with the tax man and pay your tax regularly. You don’t want the tax man to knock on your door for not letting him know about your flourishing email marketing business!

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