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The AZ code is up for sale on Clickbank recently making high claims about fat affiliate incomes on amazon. The person behind the AZ code is Andrew Peterson.

What is the AZ code? Full review of the AZ code

But what is the AZ code? Is AZ code a scam or is it legit and the best amazon making system? Andrew Peterson says on the Amazon code website that it is about making money as an Amazon affiliate. As I am an Amazon affiliate myself, I found this interesting and so did my own research on the Amazon code.

I am going to share with you in this article, all what I found about the AZ code. I will do my best to help you to decide if  you want to buy the AZ code. This is my full AZ code review summarising what “Andrew Peterson” has to say about the Amazon code and what I found in my research.

Please note this is not the official website of the Amazon code by Andrew Peterson. This is only a review of the AZ code. If you want to visit the official website of the amazon code by Andrew Peterson, please click here.

Who is Andrew Peterson?

On the AZ code website, Andrew Peterson speaks over a video and suggests has been a successful amazon affiliate and made lots of money online. Unfortunately I could not find any links to his social media or personal profile online. When I googled for “Andrew Peterson”, I found lot of information about Andrew Peterson the American musician but nothing about Andrew Peterson the Amazon super affiliate. He claims he is originally from a small town in Wisconsin. I found no evidence about his internet marketing success, his pictures or videos. So I could not see any evidence to say he is real. May be he is real but too shy to go public? I don’t know. But any affiliate would know that putting a face to the name is important gain trust.

About the AZ code website

The owner of the Amazon code website is anonymous. So we cannot find any evidence of who actually owns this website. I can see a video and some affiliate support material on the website. For me it looks very simple and small. There is an option to register yourself on the AZ code website and buy the software.

What does the AZ code website say about the AZ code?

On the AZ code website, you will find  a video that plainly boasts about the success that AZ code can get you. There are few people talking on the website and stating that they have made thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars with the Amazon code. What surprises me is that these people claim they started making money right from day ONE.

The AZ code website also says you do not need any technical experience or expertise to start making money as an amazon affiliate. You do not even need any previous marketing experience. All you need is a laptop, internet and few hours of your time! Thus the Amazon code website claims the Amazon code is the ultimate secret system to make lots of money as an amazon affiliate.

Should I buy the AZ code?

Yes I would buy the AZ code and see what it is made of. Though I am not sure if it is legit or scam, I have no hesitation in buying and checking out for myself if AZ code really works. I do not buy into the claims that the Amazon code will help me make $2000 on my first day. However, the AZ code will indeed provide me lot of genuine information on how to be a successful amazon affiliate. And I will find all that information in one place. I am pretty confident that the Amazon code will help me to be successful as an amazon affiliate. It just may not happen at the scale and in the timelines that the AZ code claims to be. But it does eventually.

Another reason why I would buy the Amazon code is that the purchase is guaranteed for 60 days. I trust Clickbank  and I am sure I can claim my money back any time within 60 days if I am not happy with the AZ code.

So I conclude there is no loss in buying the AZ code. There are definitely some benefits to be realised from the Amazon code. These benefits may be smaller than what the AZ code website claims and they may come in slower than they claim. But they will eventually.

If you are interested in buying the AZ code by Andrew Peterson, please click here.

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