Why affiliate marketing? Advantages of affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing brings you lot of targeted traffic in short time and with small investment. This is why affiliate marketing is used by every online internet business to drive traffic and boost sales.

Why affiliate marketing is great for merchants

Very inexpensive

You can start your affiliate programs easily for a small monthly fee. There are many vendors who provide you affiliate software for a few dollars a  month. Starting an affiliate program for your website does not cost you thousands of dollars.

Sale based fees

Merchants find affiliate marketing very rewarding as they have to pay commission to affiliates only after a sale. This is why affiliate marketing is more beneficial than PPC where a merchant has to pay a fee for all visitors irrespective of any purchases.

Fewer employees and lower costs

When affiliates can get you visitors and make sales, you do not have the need to hire sales personnel. Your affiliates can do all the sales for you without you worrying about hiring, paying and managing an in house sales team.

In control

With an affiliate program on your website, you can exercise full control on how you run your business. For example, you decide the prices for your products and services, commissions, provide links and banners, make payments etc.

Targeted traffic and easier sales

As a merchant, you will see increased traffic to your website as a result of affiliates. Your affiliates do all the hard work to find targeted traffic and refer them to your website. Your affiliates also pre-sell your products and services with relevant content on their blogs or emails etc. As visitors arrive on your website, they are thus very much aware of what you sell and so they convert easily. As a result you get easier sales.

More back links

As your affiliates link to various pages of your website, you will get more back links.

Better SEO

As more and more affiliates link to your website, your website begins to rank better on search engine result pages. Ranking higher on search engines gets you even more traffic from organic search.

More online presence

Affiliates review many of your products and services on their websites. This makes you more popular online. So as you take in more affiliates, your online presence also gets bigger.

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